Goodbye Nursing Homes! The New Trend Is CoHousing With Friends

The best and only options for elderly people that is available are the nursing homes, retired seniors who are not able to live alone and take care for themselves, and don’t have close relatives nearby are going in these nursing homes.

Even though this is a common option for elderly people, nobody likes to make the decision whether to move into a nursing home or not, because nursing homes can be a little unwelcoming and lonely.

That is what makes this new evolvement in senior housing, Senior Cohousing, a wonderful alternative for elderly people!

What Exactly is Senior Cohousing?

This exceptional sort of senior consideration is actually what it sounds like. A cohousing community’s expectation is to guarantee that each part has security and their very own space. Every individual from the community has their own loft or house, all while likewise approaching shared spaces.

This implies each senior living in the cohousing community would have their own private space while living close companions who offer progressively open spaces like an eating territory, library, film focus, wellness focus, nursery, and the sky is the limit from there.

This is an awesome open door for anybody searching for an increasingly agreeable choice for senior lodging, one with genuine community and a superior personal satisfaction. Nursing homes can be unfathomably discouraging for many individuals. Particularly since it is the last goal for a large number of seniors before passing on.

Depression, detachment, and other negative feelings are regularly associated with nursing homes, prompting low quality of life. A cohousing opportunity gives a large number of the advantages that a nursing home could give without the negative implications joined!

Benefits of Senior Cohousing Compared to Nursing Homes

Both nursing homes and senior cohousing have their arrangements of upsides and downsides. It’s critical to think about the majority of the positives and negatives before settling on the choice on whether to utilize both of them.

Each senior has extraordinary needs and prerequisites, huge numbers of which improve them appropriate for one sort of home over another. So do your examination, comprehend your alternatives, and remember the essential advantages and disadvantages! Here are a couple of viewpoints to consider:

1. Privacy

While both nursing homes and senior cohousing offer private residency, senior cohousing has somewhat more security. That is on the grounds that inhabitants are not put in such lacking elbow room with one another.

You can have your own home or loft with senior cohousing, while at the same time nursing homes will in general offer littler rooms a lot nearer together.

2. Community

The cool thing about both nursing homes and senior cohousing is that both give community and occasions to occupants to appreciate. Social open doors are regular for nursing homes and senior cohousing.

What makes senior cohousing so extraordinary, in any case, is that seniors are effectively ready to have their very own companions adjacent instead of a lobby loaded with outsiders.

3. Expense and Care

An inside and out con for nursing homes is the cost that accompanies them. Nursing homes will in general be full-time offices with well-prepared staff and a lot of consideration. In any case, all of which includes some major disadvantages. Senior cohousing show on the more affordable side of senior living since a considerable lot of the occupants share assets.

That being stated, nursing homes regularly have increasingly experienced and mindful overseers. Both nursing homes and senior cohousing are more secure than a senior living alone, however a decent nursing home with great staff can be more mindful than an attentive neighbor in a senior cohousing community.


Senior cohousing might not be for everybody, but it definitely is a perfect opportunity for a huge number of seniors. Specially if they think that the nursing homes are a little bit sad, depressing and lonely.

Senior cohousing will allow the seniors to maintain control of what they do, maintain their friendships and set their own schedules. It is perfect for the seniors who are not in need of constant care, and can take for themselves!